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Dreams for Schools

is a non-profit that prioritizes students, not profits. We make STEM approachable and accessible for all. Empowering students. Cultivating curiousity. By providing the right tools and experience, we help kids program the future.

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What People Are Saying About Us

  • Because of my AppJam+ mentor experience, I’ve decided that I’m going to pursue a teaching credential and become a high school teacher in the future. Thank you AppJam+, my fellow mentors, the kids I’ve taught and inspired, and the experience that has helped shape my future.

    - Kenny N., Mentor

  • I was an 8th grader attending Oxford Academy and could barely understand what computer science was. Despite this, my mentors helped me out with my ambitions to the fullest extent. My mentors were encouraging and helped me through the various pits I encountered and because of this, it made the whole experience well worth it.

    - Jimmy D., Former Participant
    Current UC San Diego Computer Science Student

  • The AppJam+ program builds members’ confidence, helps them make connections to possible career avenues, and gives them practical experiences with the many aspects of coding. We are grateful that our members have the opportunity to engage in such an amazing program.

    - Heather W.
    Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove