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Recommended Grades: 6th – 8th grade

If your child is in the following districts/schools, please inquire directly with your district/school as we may be offering this program at little to no cost. 

About the Program

AppJam+ is a 10 week mobile app development program that makes programming concepts fun and accessible to encourage students and to explore STEAM education in a new and exciting way.

Over the course of 30+ hours, student teams will develop their own Android mobile application based around a seasonal theme. We partner with local schools and organizations to run AppJam+ twice a year in Fall and Spring.

We encourage meaningful experiences for students, introduce the possibilities of STEAM careers, and create fun memories students will love to share. 

*Can be conducted Virtually or In-Person 

Key Takeaways

Computer Science Fundamentals

Engineering Principles & Technical skills 

App Development Cycle

Interpersonal skills 

Think creatively, reason with logic, and learn collaboration skills

appjamboree showcase

AppJam+ culminates in our AppJamboree showcase, where students present their final projects and demonstrate their mobile apps. Families and friends are all welcome for a night of technology filled fun.

View our past AppJamboree recaps here 

We currently do not have any upcoming AppJamborees.

past sample apps

Math Cars

Team: The CodeApp Moment

Green World Doodle

Team: NetZero

coding at home

With so many of us staying safe at home, Dreams for Schools is proud to do our part in supporting the community with online access to our programs as well as additional resources. 

With our Coding at Home initiative, we’re providing resources for K-12 students to continue learning Computer Science & Coding on their own on a weekly basis. 

Learn how to create your own app today! 

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