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coding games with scratch

Calling all Young Coders!

Recommended Grades: 3rd – 5th grade

Fall 2021 registration has closed for this class. Please check back in the January. 

If your child is in the following districts/schools, please inquire directly with your district/school as we may be offering this program at little to no cost. 

About the Program

Students in grades 3rd to 5th learn how to develop their own game using Scratch, the drag-and-drop learning platform created by MIT Media Lab.

Students will use code blocks to bring their creativity to life through games, animations, or even stories.

Gain experience in collaborating with friends in every step from design to development to debugging.

Level 1: Introduction to Scratch / Beginner Level

Level 2: Intermediate Scratch

*Students must take Level 1 or have prior experience with Scratch in order to register for this course. 

*Can be conducted Virtually or In-Person 



Key Takeaways

How to Code/Program

Computer Science Fundamentals 

How to create their own game, animations, or even stories

Learn the Game Design Process

Think creatively, reason with logic, and learn collaboration skills 

past games gallery

Save the Bunny

Summer 2020

Pokémon Legends Battle

Summer 2020

Savannah Hunt

Summer 2020

Llama Mama's Cupcake World!

Summer 2020

Crossy Road

Summer 2020

Relaxing Pong Game

Summer 2020