AppJam+ SAUSD Virtual Showcase - Dreams for Schools

appjam+ spring 2021 virtual appjamboree

Santa Ana Unified School District

May 26, 2021 & May 27, 2021

About the Program

AppJam+ is a 10 week mobile app development program that makes programming concepts fun and accessible to encourage students and to explore STEM education in a new and exciting way.

Over the course of 30+ hours, student teams will develop their own Android mobile application based around a seasonal theme. We partner with local schools and organizations to run AppJam+ twice a year in Fall and Spring.

We encourage meaningful experiences for students, introduce the possibilities of STEM careers, and create fun memories students will love to share. 

*Can be conducted Virtually or In-Person 

AppJamboree Winners

Group 1: Carr Intermediate – Straight out of the Ballpark

Group 2: Willard Intermediate – The Apollos

Group 3: Lathrop Intermediate – The Misfits

Group 4: Villa Fundamental – The Chicken Nuggies

Student Teams & Apps

Carr Intermediate

App Name: Humanities Last Hope

Team Members: Vincent D., Jaeden A. 

Mentor: Jacky L.

App Description: Alien themed game where need to defeat the aliens with the main character to save all of humanity.

Technical Components Used: Moving side to side, shooting, updating score count, time limit

App Name: Chicken Invader

Team Members: Anh T., Benjamin G., Adrian R.

Mentor: Jacky L.

App Description: Space themed game where shoot lasers out of a spaceship to defeat the chickens.

Technical Components Used: Moving particles, Sounds, buttons, updating health and score.

App Name: Escape the Moon

Team Members: Michael B., Ivan G.

Mentor: Rodrigo E.

App Description: You’re an Astronaut that got separated from their main mission. Soon you find yourself ambushed by foreign Alien invaders. There is not enough fuel to make the journey back home. It seems the Aliens love to snack on fuel and want to steal the little fuel you have left! Luckily, you’re armed with lasers but you only have limited ammo. And watch out, you may run out of oxygen soon! Will you be able to get your fuel back in time to Escape the Moon? Tap on the Astronaut to use your Laser Beam. Keep track of your Oxygen, Fuel, and Ammo. Destroying Aliens will give you more fuel. Get to 100% Fuel to escape! Reach 0% Oxygen and its game over.

Technical Components Used: Moving sprites, Button inputs, variables, Clock, multiple screens and screen handling (switching/closing screens), database (tinyDB) to store variables between screens, touch input.

App Name: Space Derby

Team Members: Diego E.

Mentor: Roxanne S.

App Description: You are an astronaut on a mission to explore the universe when suddenly your ship crash lands on the moon! Luckily for you and the crew, you stumble upon the ancient ruins of a baseball field. You start playing a game to keep busy, but you’re not the only ones on the moon… A gang of aliens appears and challenges you to a game of baseball. If your team of astronauts wins, you get to stay on the moon and colonize it. But if they win, you will be booted off the moon and forced to find a new planet. Get as many hits as you can before your 3 strikes are up. Get a total of 10 hits to beat the aliens! Good luck…you’ll need it.

Technical Components Used: Music/Sound Effects, Buttons, Clocks, Sprite Movement, Sprite Animations, Multiple Views, Score Keeping, Pop-up Screen

Lathrop Intermediate

App Name: SpaceMania

Team Members: Frankie M., Jessica S., Ángel L., Kailani L., Alexander D.,  Miles R.

Mentor: Achinthya P. & Luis G.

App Description: You and your team are in a space crisis! You need to crash land on a nearby planet, but first you need to navigate through an asteroid field! That’s only the beginning of your troubles, when you land on the planet you are taken prisoner and need to make the tyrant king laugh in order to be granted your freedom! Use the arrow keys to navigate the ship through the asteroid field, and select a punchline to a pun by tapping on the button. You only get 2 lives so make the most of them! Good luck astronaut!

Technical Components Used: Moving sprites, button inputs, clock controlled functions, autonomous enemies, Multiple screens, database components, indexing lists, randomizing list items, label controlled, alternate endings based on variable inputs

App Name: Angry Invader Poo Wars

Team Members: Brianna M., David R., Daniel S., Anthony A., Jesse C., Landon C., Richie M.

Mentor: Achinthya P. & Dean N.

App Description: In a future inspired by the toilet paper shortage, play as a lone battle spaceship to fend off a platoon of angry poo-shaped enemy invaders. Defeat the final Angry Poo boss to save Earth and clean up the universe! Drag left to right to move your spaceship and tap on the spaceship to shoot out toilet paper rolls at your enemies. Be sure to defeat all enemies before time runs out or else Earth will end up a stinky mess!

Technical Components Used: Moving sprites, projectile motion, button inputs, autonomous enemies, multiple screens, clock timer control, variables

Romero-Cruz Academy

App Name: Super Space Adventures

Team Members: Christian H., Stefano C., Kyle G.

Mentor: Leon V., Amy S.

App Description: You control a space ship and you have to dodge rocks until the time runs out to win the game

Technical Components Used: Moving sprites, buttons, updating life count.

App Name: Rock Wars

Team Members: Joel S., Alma A.

Mentor: Leon V., Amy S.

App Description: You’re on an alien planet and you need to collect a certain amount of rocks while shooting aliens.

Technical Components Used: Moving sprites, buttons, updating life and score count, random sprite generation.

Sierra Preparatory

App Name: Mars Infected

Team Members: Abraham M., Chris R., Matthew G., Erwin N.

Mentor: Cooper Y.

App Description: Play as Bruce Lee whose given a mission to clear out the planet Mars, which is infected by aliens that stole the looks of humans. You must fight off as many as you can before time runs out!

Technical Components Used: Music/Sound Effects, Button input, Clocks/timers, Drag mechanics, AI-SPARK count, Dialogue Screens, Drag feature.

Additional Comments: N/A

App Name: Mushroomtale

Team Members: Isabella R., Abigail R.

Mentor: Julie T.

App Description: Explore a fantasy forest with a scavenger hunt! The player must collect items on the list, but while searching the forest, they meet the mushroom people that dwell in the forest. Turns out, these mushroom people have exactly what you need to finish the scavenger hunt! The mushroom people have quests and chores for you to complete in order to earn the items.

Technical Components Used: buttons, moving sprites, timer, scores, sounds, music, different screens

App Name: Galaxy Wars

Team Members: Alexander N., Gunit G., Santiago C.

Mentor: Cooper Y.

App Description: Play as a robot whose given a mission to defend his home planet within the galaxy. You must fight off a variety of different enemies and collect as many AI-SPARKS before time runs out!

Technical Components Used: Music/Sound Effects, Button input, Clocks/timers, Drag mechanics, AI-SPARK count, Dialogue Screens, Drag feature.

App Name:ABS – Alien Blood Smoothie

Team Members: Elias A., Mariana P.

Mentor: Julie T.

App Description: The player must wander through oouter space to find the mysterious alien blood smoothie for their dying father because in the legends, this magical smoothie can increase the strength or health of those who obtain it. As the player explores outer space, they must defeat the alien enemies that stand in their way.

Technical Components Used: buttons, moving sprites, timer, scores, sounds, music, different screens

Villa Fundamental

App Name: Godzilla’s War

Team Members: Angel A., Giselle B.

Mentor: Rigel S., Mingjia W.

App Description: Godzilla got flung into space and needs to get back to his home planet by defeating all the enemies in his way.

Technical Components Used: Movable sprites, buttons, sounds, story, enemies with different abilities.

App Name: Sparkle Zombies

Team Members: Ximena G., Susana M., Carla R., Aimee L., Ethan H.

Mentor: Kai N., Bryan A.

App Description: Your friend has been kidnapped by strange monsters. Explore the haunted school and defeat the monsters to save your friend.

Technical Components Used: Sprite generation and regeneration, clocks/timers, updating scores, dragging, buttons, multiple screen layouts.

Willard Intermediate

App Name: The Last Planet

Team Members: Wolfgang M., Marco M., Geraldine C., Joseph G., Devon J., Rodrigo M.

Mentor: Maya S., Andy Y.

App Description: Play as an astronaut trying to avoid asteroids and aliens while fixing as many satellites as possible. See how long you can last before the aliens make you solve math problems!

Technical Components Used: Music/Sound effects, buttons, clocks/timers/stopwatches, multiple screen layouts, random number generation, sprite generation and regeneration.

App Name: Galactic Bounty Hunt

Team Members: Anthony A., Ayden O., Abraham G., Javier S. 

Mentor: Colleen L.

App Description: Bounty hunter needs to collect 10 gold and avoid the robots to win.

Technical Components Used: N/A

App Name: Super Space Saga

Team Members: Crystal C., Joel H., Diego J., Jonathan P.

Mentor: Celine K.

App Description: By 2090, there is no place to live on the Earth–but there is one astronaut who could save human beings by searching for another planet to live. The evil aliens are using asteroids to block the astronaut’s way to the second Earth, but the astronaut is following the special stars’ guidance to find the right place! Help the astronaut avoid aliens and collect stars to reach to the second Earth.

Technical Components Used: Left-Right + Boost button, switching screens, timers, random number generator, database for transferring values between screens.

App Name: The Space Busters

Team Members: Emmanuel G., Paola Z., Rodrigo E., Cynthia R., Erik L.

Mentor: Luis G.

App Description: Your planet is under attack! You need to defend the oncoming alien invaders on your own. If you can hold them off for a while back up will come and your planet will be saved! Use the arrow keys on the bottom left corner to move, jump, and shoot! Don’t let the aliens get past you or your planet is done for, good luck!

Technical Components Used: Moving sprites, projectile motion, jumping, button inputs, controlled label outputs, multiple screens, database components, variables, autonomous enemies, clock controlled functions, alternate endings based on variable inputs