mobile app development

*Only offered virtually for Spring 2021

Grades: 6th – 8th


In this 10 week mobile app development program, we make programming concepts fun and accessible to encourage students and to explore STEM education in a new and exciting way. 

Students will work closely with our instructors to develop their own Android mobile application using block-based programming through our online App Maker. If you do not have access to an Android device, please let us know. 

We encourage meaningful experiences for students, introduce the possibilities of STEM careers, and create fun memories students will love to share. 

Instructor to Student Ratio: 1 to 5

Classes take place 2x a week on a Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs schedule for 1 hour each class across 10 weeks (20 classes total). 

*Classes falling on holidays will be made up. Please note for our Mon/Wed classes, May 31 is a holiday.

Requires access to a computer, internet, and webcam.

All times listed are PST.

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