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What Motivates Us


Currently, there is a need to cultivate learners in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Dreams for Schools bridges this gap with initiatives directed at both students and educators. Your partnership today will help fund our educational programs and ensure we can continue to foster and inspire learning and creativity, positively impacting these learners for years to come.

Dreams for Schools will also work closely with your organization to develop a custom plan that not only brings together our strengths, but also promotes your brand. Your partnership makes STEM education accessible to the community around us in order to cultivate curiosity and ignite a future generation of leaders and thinkers.

To donate today, head to Donate. And if you would like to learn more about other ways to partner with us, please email Nithin Jilla at [email protected].


Our Partners

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We hope to create an exciting and warm environment where STEM is approachable and fun, rather than foreign and intimidating, in order to get learners interested. By contributing, you’re helping students walk away with a better sense of their own personal strengths, a solid foundation of STEM attributes, and an inspirational interest for new fast- growing career paths.

Together, we can grow the talent pool of our future STEM leaders and foster positive growth for the future.