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Elementary Resources

For Elementary resources, there are lots of great activities and lessons created by educators & coding enthusiasts. Our team of instructors have curated a list of lessons for Coding with Scratch and hands-on activities, which we’ll publish and share every week. 

Recommended for: Elementary School Students

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Scratch Coding

Hands-On Activities

Introduction to Scratch Coding

Explore the Scratch coding platform with a brief introduction to using Scratch. This video covers the following programming concepts: Events, Loops, Conditional Statements, Variables and Functions (Blocks).

Hands-On Activity:
Build a Paddle Boat

Water science experiments are always a hit for kids. Try out this "Building a paddle boat" activity from Rookie Parenting Science which is easy and fun using common household items.

Creating Sprites & Characters

This video introduces students to creating their own vector characters for those interested in creating their own Sprites to use in the Scratch!

Hands-On Activity:
Building Bridges

Ever wonder how suspension bridges work? How are they able to carry all that weight? Try out this easy and fun "Bridge Building Bonanza" activity from Science Buddies using common household items to learn more and see bridges in action!

Creating Pixel Art

This video teaches students how to create pixel art in Scratch! Pixel art is commonly used in games and animation.

Hands-On Activity:
Airplane Launchers

Ever want to make paper planes fly without having to throw it every time? Try out this easy and fun Paper Airplane Launcher activity from Science Buddies using common household items to learn more and get those airplanes flying!

Creating a Scene

This video teaches students how to create a scene in Scratch with characters and backgrounds.

Hands-On Activity:
Marble Run

Let's get into activities using your wall! Try creating a maze on your wall to drop marbles in and see if they can get to the bottom! This activity will teach your young innovator about angles, gravity, slopes, engineering, and problem solving.


This video teaches students how to animate the letter in their name.

Hands-On Activity:
Tallest Straw Tower

Try creating the tallest tower you can using only straws and tape! This activity will allow your young engineer to problem solve and utilize their creativity to the fullest to achieve the tallest tower.

Rock Band

Let's use everything we've learned so far and put it together by making a Rock Band in Scratch!

Hands-On Activity:
Egg Drop

It's time for the classic egg drop challenge! Use a combination of supplies to create the best object to hold your egg in as you drop it. Try your best to make sure the egg doesn't break! Challenge yourself with higher heights.

Let's Make Pac Man!

Let's take it a step further and create Pac Man on Scratch! This 7 part series will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Hands-On Activity:
Coding with Cards

Get started in coding by doing this screen-free coding activity! Using household items, you'll learn the basics of coding that involves giving instructions to a computer to make something happen.