AppJam+ HDS Virtual Showcase - Dreams for Schools

appjam+ fall 2020 virtual appjamboree

Harbor Day School

December 3rd, 2020

If your child is in the following districts/schools, please inquire directly with your district/school as we may be offering this program at little to no cost. 

About the Program

AppJam+ is a 10 week mobile app development program that makes programming concepts fun and accessible to encourage students and to explore STEM education in a new and exciting way.

Over the course of 30+ hours, student teams will develop their own Android mobile application based around a seasonal theme. We partner with local schools and organizations to run AppJam+ twice a year in Fall and Spring.

We encourage meaningful experiences for students, introduce the possibilities of STEM careers, and create fun memories students will love to share. 

*Can be conducted Virtually or In-Person 

AppJamboree Winners

1st Place: Team Pescatarians

2nd Place: Footchair Studios

3rd Place: 4th Grade Johans

Best Virtual Presentation: Team Pescatarians

Student Teams & Apps

The 4th Grade Johans

App Name: Johan’s Adventures

Team Members: Andrew W., Gavin K., Mateo S., Mo, KG., Nate B., Russell L.

Mentor: Rigel S.

App Description: Follow the protagonist, Johan, in a quest to save his own home planet along with a neighboring planet from invasion! Johan fights through many enemies before facing the king where the user has a big decision that might have consequences.

Technical Components Used: Music/Sound Effects, Lists, Branching endings, Button input, Clocks, Shooting mechanics, Enemy Kill Count, Dialogue Screens

Additional Comments: Considering that all the students never programmed before, it was amazing to see the progress they made during our time together. We had students who made good progress in programming and we had students who were able to flex their creative muscles. When we put the two together, we created something that we can be proud of.


App Name: Finny Fish

Team Members: Adeleine C., Benjamin H., Oliver H., Parker J., Rhyse W.

Mentor: Ahad H.

App Description: Finny Fish is an awesome adventure game where you have to guide Finny through the depths of the oceans while avoiding the Sharks. Customize and upgrade Finny by collecting Coins and spending them in the shop.

Technical Components Used: Databases, Audio, Clocks 

Footchair Studios

App Name: Karl Simulator

Team Members: Caden M., Carter K., Colton M., Daniel L., Reed M., Wright C.

Mentor: Jacob Y.

App Description: Karl Simulator is a game where you are trying to entertain yourself during zoom classes and not get caught by your teachers, especially Karen. You have limited time to get through your five classes, so be efficient and have fun in class. Be careful when doing your tasks because you will not know when your teachers will come back into the breakout rooms, so be ready to stop messing around… or else you will literally be canceled! Good luck and have fun!

Technical Components Used: We have different timers to see when the teachers will come back to your screens, randomizing lists, notifiers, global variables for scores, levels, task tracking, and score requirement, if/then statements, and procedures.

Additional Comments: All of the sprites and music were made by the students themselves. They would want to include more tasks and have changing music for each teacher.