AppJam+ PYLUSD AppJamboree - Dreams for Schools

Spring 2023 AppJamboree

Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District

May 24, 2023

About AppJam+

Bernardo Yorba


Parkview Academy

Valadez Avademy

Yorba Linda

About the Program

AppJam+ is a 10 week mobile app development program that makes programming concepts fun and accessible to encourage students and to explore STEAM education in a new and exciting way.

Over the course of 30+ hours, student teams will develop their own Android mobile application based around a seasonal theme. We encourage meaningful experiences for students, introduce the possibilities of STEAM careers, and create fun memories students will love to share.

AppJamboree Winners

1st Place: Yorba Linda Middle School – Psychotic Goldfish

2nd Place: Parkview School – Pine Tree Planter

3rd Place: Kraemer Middle School – Tree Defenders

Best Stage Presentation: Kraemer Middle School – AFK

Best Poster: Kraemer Middle School – Potato Wedges

Student Teams & Apps

Bernardo Yorba Middle School


App Name: Blocker

Team Members: Saif Mansour, Liam Buranich, Darah Kontrovsky

Mentor: Noah Beidelman

App Description: Use the fish to break the blocks at the top of the screen, avoid any bad obstacles such as the trash littered around.

Technical Components Used: Block health, ball movement, trash obstacles

One Thirds

App Name: Factory Shutdown

Team Members: Adrian Perry, Mason Nguyen, Luis Sanchez

Mentor: Cynthia Zepeda-Rodriguez

App Description: Our main character receives a message about a factory polluting the air. You must travel the world and defeat the boss in charge of the factories to save the Earth.

Technical Components Used: Arrow Key Buttons, Projectile Button, Image Sprites, Health Bar, Multiple Screen Switches, Levels, Background Music, Sound Effects, Win/Lose Screen

Galactic Goobers

App Name: Galactic Goobers

Team Members: Sycen Lyu, Evan Lin, Isabella, Mauricio Alvarez

Mentor: Chris Ward

App Description: After extraterrestrial aliens showed up to the solar system, it is your duty to be launched up into space with your spaceship to defend Earth. In the game you will be tasked with shooting the obstacles in front of you which could either be the aliens themselves or other projectiles such as asteroids. The protagonist in the space ship (you) will defeat the alien forces by shooting them down with your ship and return to earth afterwards.

Technical Components Used: Intro Screen, Shooting Mechanics, Background Music, Sound Effects, Points, End Screen

Team Humanity

App Name: Charlie’s Adventure

Team Members: Aaron Alvarez, Rhianna Jose, Vincent Cheng

Mentor: Eric Ly

App Description: Within a mystical forest ravaged by the greed of oil extraction, humanity faces a menacing threat. Join our courageous hero, Charlie, as they confront a horde of oil monsters, determined to protect our world. Embark on an exhilarating journey, battling these abominations and uncovering the true strength of resilience. With humanity’s fate at stake, only the bravest can prevail. Will you rise to the challenge and become the ultimate guardian against the encroaching darkness?

Technical Components Used: Direction Buttons, Sprite Images, Health Bar, Screen Switching, Game Levels, Background Music, Sound Effects, Victory/Defeat Screen, Animations, Combat Mechanics, Story Introduction Screen, Credits Screen, Future Updates Screen, Enemy Artificial Intelligence (AI), Health System

Kraemer Middle School


App Name: Toxic Earth

Team Members: Ansh Khant, Hannah Chang, Salvador Aduna, Dean Armand, John Arviso

Mentor: Sarah Phan, George Rodriguez

App Description: Cats are trying to escape a toxic wasteland created from human chemical accidents. The humans have fled to another planet, leaving the cats behind. The cats must find a way to escape the toxic earth as an evil scientist tries to hunt down them down for food.

Technical Components Used: Lives, Boss Battle, Side-Scrolling Game With Jump Mechanics, Custom-Made Art, Cutscenes With Dialogue

Potato Wedges

App Name: Trashiest Game

Team Members: Emily Santos, Joshua Byun, Davis Gao, Aiden Ha

Mentor: Vincent Thai

App Description: In a post-apocalyptic world filled with trash, our protagonist must survive and defeat the evil trash monsters roaming the Earth.

Technical Components Used: Animations, Joystick Movement, Attack Mechanics, Block Mechanics, Background Music, Tutorial Screen, Game Over Screen, Enemy Ai, Health Mechanics

The Redeemers

App Name: Extraction

Team Members: Kevin Wang, Andrei Marcoci, Neil Kochar, Ningrui Zhao

Mentor: Derek Trujillo

App Description: Humans have found a resource hidden away beneath the Earth and have begun to excavate the resources for their own use. Little did they know that they have been exploiting a precious material from an unknown species. You are now facing attacks from these hidden species and must defend your castle, but must face the consequences of resource exploitation at the same time!

Technical Components Used: Attack Mechanics, Original Sound Fx And Music, Health Mechanic, Enemy Ai, Victory Screen, Game Over Screen, Credits Screen

The Yippies

App Name: Adrift

Team Members: Louis Alvarez, Jennifer Lane, Zoe Garcia, Edmee Radeni

Mentor: Eduardo Nunez

App Description: An evil mouse named Sprite has invaded earth and is polluting all over, it is Cosmos job to stop the mouse and clean up the pollution!

Technical Components Used: Intro Screen, Play Button, Instruction Screen, Sprite Movement, Lives Counter, Inventory Collection, Inventory Placement (Plant Button )

Perennial Peeps

App Name: TreeDefenders

Team Members: Austin Horng, Livia Yu, Zavira Cain

Mentor: Oscar Arenas

App Description: Our earth faces dozens of problems. How can we narrow it down to the most important one? To us that was our trees. Deforestation stood out to us because they provide our necessary oxygen to breath, so we thought to ourselves let’s defend our trees.

Technical Components Used: Intro Screen, Images Sprites(Enemies Speed), Health, Sound, Art, Touch Enemies To Win, Instructions Page, End Screens

Parkview Academy

Panther Studios

App Name: Pine Tree Planter

Team Members: EmmaRose Duarte, Liem Sasajima, Gavin Pelletier, Dominic Pelletier

Mentor: Michael Katsaros, Luis Alvarado

App Description: Earth is in need of more CO2 and Peggie is trying to save earth by planting more trees.

Technical Components Used: Score, Lives, Timer, Title Screen, Play Screen, Losing Screen, Winning Screen, Music, Student Art, Mini-Games

Valadez Academy Middle School


App Name: Trashketball

Team Members: Glenda Guerrero

Mentor: Daniel Garcia, Carla Madriz

App Description: The beach is littered with recyclable items and hoopers want to enjoy the court on the boardwalk. Follow the on-screen instructions to identify the correct recyclable items. Select the correct type for points; lose points for incorrect choices.

Technical Components Used: Music, Instructions Screen, Play Screen, Win/Lose Screen, Timer, Lives, Points

Yorba Linda Middle School

Psychotic Goldfish

App Name: Nuclear Fishin’

Team Members: Aiden Brown, Jason Boggess, Humza Bana, Selina Li, Adam Holguin

Mentor: Berkeley Trinh

App Description: The ocean is polluted by mutated enemies due to the nuclear waste that has filled it. You must fight these enemies to clean the ocean and destroy the source of its pollution, the Melty Slime.

Technical Components Used: Animations, Button Movements, Attack Mechanics, Background Music And Sound Effects, Game Over Animation, Health Mechanics, Enemy Ai, Credit Screen, Boss Battle


App Name: DreamEscape

Team Members: Lucas Le, Madoc Roberts, Thiago Ramirez, Aimee Chen

Mentor: Andrew Vu

App Description: After Humans have polluted earth, the main character (Drew) gets sucked into a portal within his dream to save earth from a toxic monster named Axo which is continuing to destroy and pollute earth, Drew defeats the character by collecting swords on the ground and fighting the monster.

Technical Components Used: Intro Screen, Image Sprite Speed, Health Bars, Hearts, Arrow Buttons, Instructions Page, Credit Screen, End/Score Screen.