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December 3, 2019
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Fall 2019 OC Schools AppJamboree Recap & Results

Our second AppJamboree of the Fall 2019 AppJam+ season, was hosted on Tuesday, December 3rd where students from 6 Orange County middle schools presented the mobile applications they had developed over a 10-week period. This AppJamboree was held at the University of California, Irvine and featured a friendly competition between the attending teams.

Our second AppJamboree of the Fall 2019 AppJam+ season on December 3rd featured even more amazing apps from amazing student. Students from 5 Orange County middle schools presented the mobile applications developed over a 10-week period with the guidance of their college mentors. The AppJamboree event was hosted at the University of California, Irvine, and featured presentations from 19 teams.

Students from Harbor Day School, Mariners Christian School, Compass Rose - Jamboree Housing, Los Alisos Intermediate & St. Margaret's Episcopal School participated in this AppJam+ cohort, giving judges the momentous task of selecting the top four student teams to take the prize. In addition to the friendly judging competition, a "Best Poster" award was voted on by participating students and judges also scored teams to receive a "Best Stage Presentation" award.

Get a glimpse of all of the hard work the students put in this season in their school videos.

1st Place Winners of Google Chrome Books – Chocolate Fish Sticks from Mariners Christian School
App Name: Turtle Swim
Mentor: James T.
Team Members: Angelyn P., CJ C., Jacob K., Michael D., Ryan C.
App Description: Turtle swim is an action game for the tablet. The player gets to move the turtle around the ocean to dodge the plastic bags floating around, then defeat the final plastic boss monster and save the earth from ocean waste.
Technical Components Used: Graphics editor, Garageband, touchscreen, conditional statements

2nd Place Winners of BB-8 Spheros – Footchair Studios from Harbor Day School
App Name: Elmo's Infection
Mentor: Iqra A.
Team Members: Carter K., Cindy L., Daniel L., Jack C.
App Description: Recently, scientists from a secret underground science lab in New York owned by Parasite Inc. developed a highly contagious airborne brain parasite. Elmo accidentally got infected and spread this infection when he went to Sesame Street. Due to the parasite's contagiousness, everyone in the area became infected. This parasite will continue to spread throughout the world and it is up to you to save it. Your job is to send doctors to continents with infected people with the limited amount of money you have and send resources to develop a cure.
Technical Components Used: Elmo’s Infection utilizes Notifiers to display the number of people infected in each continent when a user clicks on a continent. The Notifier gives a user the option to send doctors to reduce the spread of infection. A Tiny Database is used to store the total number of people infected. This information is displayed on the Score Screen. A Player is used for the original background music of the app. Multiple Clocks are used to increase the spread of infection every 1 second. Horizontal and Vertical Arrangements, Image Sprites, a Canvas, Labels, and Buttons were used to make up the UI of the screens.

3rd Place Winners of Raspberry Pi Cana Kits – Free Money from St. Margaret's Episcopal School
App Name: The Trashy Game
Mentor: Bert Y.
Team Members: Angela D., Samarth W., Yuan C.
App Description: A lone scuba diver must recover trash in the ocean while avoiding sharks. When the user presses play, they must collect as much trash as possible. The game is over when the scuba diver collides with a shark.
Technical Components Used:Audio, Buttons, Canvas, ImageSprites

4th Place Winners of Amazon Fire Tablets – Roach Gang from Compass Rose - Jamboree Housing
App Name: CaTRASHtrophe
Mentor: Matthew M.
Team Members: Alondra Z., Jessel O., Josue V., Julissa V., Kevin M.
App Description: Trash is polluting our world's oceans at an alarming rate. This is causing serious harm to the environment, both at sea and on land. Our app is about cleaning up the oceans and protecting the animals inside of them. Collect as much trash as you can by tilting the tablet to steer your boat, but avoid bumping into the animals. Can you get a high score?
Technical Components Used: Accelerometer, audio, databases

Best Poster Winners of Target Gift Cards – Pseudo Code from Harbor Day School
App Name: Time Defense
Mentor: Evelyn C.
Team Members: Benjamin H., Connor G., Matteo H., Parker J., Sonali T.
App Description: Time Defense is a game where Zombies are attacking Earth and the player needs to defend their town by using towers. The player has five lives to save Earth by buying and selling towers against zombies from different time periods. As time goes on, zombies level up and you must too in order to win the game.
Technical Components Used: Buttons, Audio, Procedures, Clocks, Animations

Best Stage Presentation Winners of Target Gift Cards – McWaffles from Mariners Christian School
App Name: Laser Petz
Mentor: Shreya K.
Team Members: Grace K., Hagen E., Hailey M., Joanne K., Lexie Z.
App Description: Civilization has fallen, because of climate change, causing the human race has fallen under a deep depressive state, compromising infrastructure and society on Earth. In come Dan the Dog and Caty the Cat, our super "lazer petz", here to save the day! Players can choose either Dan or Catie to help save the world, by shooting their kindness lasers at the humans coming towards them! If a human (of any age) touches our hero, they lose a life, and if all three lives are lost, the player loses. But if users can survive the 90 second timer without losing their three lives, they save the world, making the human race happy again!
Technical Components Used: Audio, Gifs, Timers, Animation

Closing Remarks

Dreams for Schools saw some new and old faces alike at this AppJamboree. Whether it was a students first or fifth time developing an app, the level of technical sophistication we see in these apps is incredible. To see so many students passionate and proud of the work they have accomplished is representative of the hard work they put in over the 10 weeks of development. The stage presence of all participating teams was applaud-worthy, as the students boldly and brightly showed off all of their hard work to the large attending audience.

Thank you to all of the attendees of this AppJamboree for your support of a program that not only helps participants gain technical skills and knowledge of possible STEM career paths but also increases each participant's belief in themselves and their aptitude for a career in STEM fields.

A huge thank you to all of our partners for helping to make this a reality. Thank you Kingston Technology, Kay Family Foundation, Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation, Sun Family Foundation, Croul Family Foundation, Cox, Wells Fargo, Western Digital Foundation, Union Bank, & Luna Grill.

Thank you to our judges who joined us from different companies.

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